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Nuke Dukem

I.e. I was going to say: Duke Nukem [3D].


An interesting game that took me into level creation. And, therefore, this was naturally that I find (in Net) some new stuff for map design and even created some by myself (maps and utilities).

Your opinions on my levels can be sent to me by email. Opinions about other`s levels and design tools please send to authors of those levels/tools.

NOLFB with batch file for calling Duke (1.49 K) Ultrasmall program for running Duke under Windows XP. It is COM-file of 130 bytes size plus its ASM-source plus BAT-file for running Duke made by someone and remade by me. Bat-file allows to give Duke arguments in command line. E.g., for running level in one-user mode you need to enter in command line the following: myduke.bat -map
I consider this "XP-ficator" the best cause it`s made by Ken Silverman. If I would know about this program earlier...
- I saw other progs for running Duke Nukem 3D under Windows XP, but no one from em was better than NOLFB. Some of such programs are simply "addons" containing NOLFB in self.
EDuke32 + mapster32 of 2009-th year (1.12 Mb)
for actual version look at home page of eduke32
If under Win DUKE3D.EXE does not run properly, even with NOLFB (I had such a problem after changing motherboard and video card — Duke was switching my monitor off) or You`re sitting under Vista, 7, 8, or 10 then I recommend to leave NOLFB, forget DOS emulation and download EDuke32. Unpack all of its files into Duke`s folder and run eduke32.exe file — this is full Windows-based replacement to Duke`s executable; it has more features than original DUKE3D.EXE and running with high screen resolutions is one of those. In EDuke32`s distributive there is also mapster32 — Win-based map editor that is much more powerful than original BUILD. Keep in mind that EDuke32 files need to be in original Duke3D`s folder or it will not run as Duke Nukem 3D game!
Colonnada v 0.5 (171 K) Aliens are too impudent on the space station. But the station was one of most beautiful in The Space Fleet. Will You accept such alien behavior?
UnderBunker v 0.3 (136 K) After old Hollywood was erased the New Los Angeles city was built up. But the city`s under attack again. You will be dropped there to stop this.
Dead hu v 1.0 (49.4 K) Monsters built a secret command center in Alterna City. It`s very important to find this command center.
Roastduke v 0.7 (99.1 K) Here is moon base with monsters. They dream to make you roastduke.
Antarktida v 1.0 (532 K) Aliens invaded to old secret base in Antarctic. Make them radioactive monstermeat or monstersteam.
Bermuda Triangle (80 K) The Bermuda Triangle became alien base. Duke goes there.

needs DOSBox
The level generator. Generates a maze of rooms connected with each other. I think this is not too interesting. But maybe someone likes this in multiplay.
MkBitmap (52 K)

needs DOSBox
My utility that converts BMP-pictures to BMPs with Duke palette. It`s for those who make user graphics for levels.
DN3D-DC (352 K)

needs DOSBox
Decompiler-compiler of resources for Duke. Can work with GRP- and ART-files. I do not recommend You using COMP.BAT and DECOMP.BAT files from this distributive. Instead of this use my example of how to compile files into ART-file.
example for DN3D-DC (4.07 K) This is an example of compilation of BMP-files into ART-file. This helps to make levels. BMP-files must have Duke`s palette (look MkBitmap).
OpenGL Build Touch (100 K) Windows-based editor for maps, resources for Duke and palettes. Not a good map editor I think, BUT GRP-file manager in it is cool! Allows to extract or add any resources, to make Your own GRPs (if You`re making a TC).
Mapster32 of 2004 year (223 K) Improved map editor. Based on source of BUILD but works under Windows. It is NOT that Mapster for DOS that was used by me for making "Colonnada" and "UnderBunker" levels. If You have (downloaded) EDuke32 — You do not need this old version of Mapster32. Newer one is placed in EDuke32`s distributive.
TABLES.DAT fix (16 K) Mapster for DOS (not Mapster32) and Build dont like each other (at least, I had such a problem). They didnt want to use same TABLES.DAT file. I made other way.
cleanem.bat That`s good that Mapster for DOS (not Mapster32) regularly backs up file when editing. But that`s bad that there can be A LOT of such backup copies (tens or even hundred). If You dont want manually delete those each time You edit map then create cleanem.bat file
LINKS Site of 3D Realms, the developers of Duke Nukem game. News appearing there are generally on other projects. But developers are developers (last patches and so on are always there). This is FidoNet RU.GAME.DUKE echoconference — place of discussions and talks about and around Duke Nukem 3D. Many of russian-speaking authors publish new levels there. The ISP is required to have news-server for this link (or other news: links) to work; You are required to have newsreader client application (e.g. Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird) for news: links to work. Alternatively, some WWW sites (e.g. Google Groups) provide a newsgroup reading service; but they, of course, cannot be launched by clicking news: link. This USENET conference is also about Duke Nukem 3D, in english language (when is in russian). For reading USENET conferences Google Groups are actual too.
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