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The author of this site is another unknown genius you met in space of Internet. Sorry for my extremely limited knowledge of English and so little size of English pages on my site.

Firstly, allow me to tell you nice news: all my games, programs, articles and other things of mine on this site are completely FREE!

You pay nothing for any thing found here. That's it what is called “halyava” in Russian.

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My person

Some information on me.


My swimming in Virtual Reality.

Nuke Dukem

About and around "Duke Nukem 3D" game. Levels, utilities for level designer and more.

Icons`n`cursors for Win apps

A little collection of icons made by me.


Do You like banners in Internet and don`t You need a hammer to nock em out?


Online/offline encryption-decryption engine for texts (written on JavaScript).


Something like guestbook with bilingual interface and feature called "Virtual WorldWide keyboard" that helps to enter symbols of many-many languages as easy as with onscreen virtual keyboard.


Your questions and my answers.

Programs and games with english interface:

They have small descriptions and some system requirements. They do not have detailed manuals, but each is accompanied with Readme file.

Game/Program What is it Minimal system requirements Download
Son hServer


100% FREE award granted by Softpedia

A small home WWW server. Windows 98 (or Win95 with WinSock2) or Windows NT 4, 80386 CPU Son hServer v (408 Kb)

ready-to-use exe applications of Son hServer`s CGI examples (192 Kb)

home page (Ru)
Based upon Japanese brain-twister. Game allows you to create your own maps or load created by anyone, to save and load games, to customize its interface. MS DOS, 80386 CPU, SVGA monitor, mouse MozgiPro 0.55 (135 Kb)
Console Cryptor


100% FREE award granted by Softpedia

Multi-password file encryptor. Windows 95 or Windows NT 4, 80386 CPU Console Cryptor v 0.3 (47 Kb)


100% FREE award granted by Softpedia

Removes CR (caret return) symbols from text files.
For CGI programmers who need to port their files from Windows to UNIX hosting.
MS DOS, 80286 CPU
C++ source included so you can recompile for other systems, e.g. NT/2000/XP with any C++ compiler.
CLEANCR v 0.1 (11 Kb)


100% FREE award granted by Softpedia

This is a text encoding converter. It supports a number of formats for eastern-european, turkish and western-european languages (and one non-standard format used by Russian version of StarCraft game). It also converts additional symbols such as « » ¶ etc. plus DOS pseudographics and others.
There are some additional modes needed for programmers.
Program has multi-language interface.
MS DOS, 80286 CPU TextToSC v 0.8.1 (32 Kb)
Windows 95/NT , 80386 CPU TextToSC v 0.8.3 (56 Kb)
FCOMP (English version)


File comparison utility. You may want it if don`t have another means to compare files. For example, you`re using floppy or copying files over network and want to make sure they`re not damaged.

Note that it doesn`t support Windows long filenames and you may work with network disks only if they`re joined as volumes (for example, F, G etc.).

MS DOS, 80286 CPU FCOMP v 0.21 (8 Kb)


Color picker utility. You place the mouse pointer into the point onscreen - and it shows you the color of a pixel. Color is shown in RGB, CMYK, COLORREF and HTML formats. Windows 95 or Windows NT 3.51, 80386 CPU SMcolor v 0.1 (31 Kb)


Converter to/from Mac OS style linefeeds in files. UNIX and Windows line feeds are supported. Windows 95 or Windows NT, 80386 CPU FromAndToMacCRs v 0.3 (40 Kb)
EsoCalc GUI


Esoteric calculator.

See also:
online HTML version “phpEsoCalc”
offline CHM version “EsoCalc CHM”
Windows 95 or Windows NT 4, Pentium CPU EsoCalc GUI v 0.5.1 (217 Kb)
4D Mines for Windows

game concept (Ru)
Minesweeper in 4 dimensions (4D). All 4 D are drawn on flat 2D screen (on standard display). Game uses usual GUI window. Program supports more than 5 languages. Windows 95 or Windows NT, Pentium CPU "4D Mines for Windows" v (388 Kb)
SM StarRelax


Relaxation seeing a black sky with appearing and disappearing stars on it. Windows 95 or Windows NT 4, Pentium CPU SM StarRelax v (273 Kb)

Other games/programs (with Russian interface) you may find here.

Want more FreeWare? Visit Freeware Guide


Other enjoyable things (in Russian) find here.

Free source of some my programs

These aren't really complicated/sophisticated programs as an open source in programmer groups. Some of them are just simple code examples helpful for beginner programmers (or for lamerz, but I didn't say it for u (smile))

  Program Some info Download source  
  Son hServer Home WWW server.

Written in C++, VCL library (CBuilder 4).

  Console Cryptor Multi-password file encryption.

Written in C++. Original was build as Win console app.

last source  
  EsoCalc GUI "Vibrating" numbers calculator.

Written in C++, VCL library (CBuilder 4).

last source  
  FCOMP It compares files byte-to-byte. Not very complex but even so I included this source here.

Written in C++, for DOS (but theres no much difference if you will use code for Windows console or, with modification, for Windows GUI application).

v. 0.21 source  
  WinFcomp MORE COMPLEX than FCOMP. Comparison executes in a separate thread.

Written in C++, for Windows. Uses WinAPI functions. This application runs properly under Win9x, but not on XP or higher.

v. 0.2.1 source  
  TextToSC The converter of East-European, Turkish or West-European texts working on many standard encoding formats and with specific format for text in Russian version of StarCraft (smile).

Written in C++, for Windows console.

  4D Mines for Windows The 4-dimensional minesweeper game.

Written in C++, VCL library (CBuilder 4).

  SM StarRelax Relax looking at the night sky with appearing and disappearing stars.

Written in C++, VCL library (CBuilder 4).

  Source code for SMcolor program is placed in archive together with exe file.
The same with CLEANCR and FromAndToMacCRs program.

They all are of few Kbytes size and you may freely change code, use it in your own programs etc. All what I want from you is reference to me in documentation — and Ill be very happy.

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