The collection of icons and cursors

Windows` standard icon set is not too large. So who likes to see same and same label pictures on desktop every morning?

I made these icon packs (packages, archives with icons) not only instead of system icons but for any use. E.g. You can set some of proposed icons as image in Your label for some program or document. All icons here are free.

Pack title Contents Size Author(s)
SM Icons 1 icons for a wide range of purposes 60.5 K Super-M
SM Icons 2 floppy disk icons (in addition to "SM Icons 1") 46.8 K Super-M
SM Icons 1+2 Club Release icons from "SM Icons 1" and "SM Icons 2", partially redrawn and with some new icons 117 K Super-M
SM Icons 1+2 Lite Release lighted version of "SM Icons 1+2 Club Release"; rarely used (as I think) icons are NOT included 55.7 K Super-M
SM Icons 3 floppy-disk, monitor and some other icons 57.8 K Super-M
SM Icons 4 DVD, moon and some other icons 12.2 K Super-M
Icons by ZiMMy (including Super Icons Pack) icons for apps from Super-M and some other apps plus some cursors 65.5 K ZiMMy
icons by different icons, most funny (note that archive may be unreadable if you use non-russian version of Windows/Linux) 275 K PSI.X

Instead of loading parts you can SM Icons 1+2+3+4 set (305 Kb) or set of all icons in one archive (684 Kb). You can add your icons to this collection. To do this, just .

Icons designed by : Super-M 2002-2007, ZiMMy 2009, PSI.X 2020
Cursors designed by : ZiMMy 2009
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