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Welcome in virtual reality

Virtual reality it's a real THING! Some years ago been a science-fiction, it's now usual. At present this is just a three-dimensional analogue of traditional web page, of course. But increasing communication channels' speed will open new horizons for VR. For my 3D page I used VRML language, the still popular in Web3D (new X3D language is popular too).

Note: the special VRML-plugin for web browser required for viewing 3D webpages. Such a plugin is called Web3D-browser. You are to install any of such plugins (e.g., Octaga Player, OpenVRML or Cortona) on Your machine. Only then You'll be able to explore VR. I personally recommend Octaga Player, because it`s free for non-commercial use, has small 7-Mb size and is available in form of installation file.

So, install a plugin and come back here. If already installed, then click «Go into VR».

Go into VR

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